At Chairish, we’re committed to helping college students achieve their dreams and we’re excited to announce the recipient of our 2018 “Design Your Future” Scholarship! The scholarship received nearly 1,000 applicants and Arly Gisselle Melendrez of Arizona State University emerged as our winner. Arly is a junior pursuing a degree in industrial engineering at ASU, with a focus on sustainable energy and technology. As a leader of the Hispanic community, she’s a strong asset to inspire youth to pursue higher education and STEM interests and careers. Learn all about Arly in our Q&A below!

Chairsh Scholarship winner Arly Gisselle Melendrez

Can you tell us how design and engineering factored into your life growing up? What made you want to study it more?
Growing up, I always had a flair for math and science. I liked to take on challenges and understand the why and how behind everything. This is still true today. During high school, I was able to take an engineering course that broadened and confirmed my interest in engineering. Although there wasn’t anyone in my family who was in the field of engineering, I was interested from the very first time I heard about it, and knew I had to do whatever it takes to become an engineer. In addition, knowing that Latina women are underrepresented in this field gave me all the more motivation to spread STEM awareness in my community.

You’re attending Arizona State University and focusing on industrial engineering. What areas are you focusing on?
As I approach my senior year in Industrial Engineering, I am diving deep into my core Industrial Engineering classes. They are all fascinating to me. I could not have picked a more perfect major for myself. In particular, I can see myself pursuing a career in Quality Control in the healthcare field, and eventually in Engineering Administration once I have a few years of experience under my belt. I plan to pursue a master’s in Engineering Management once I finish my undergraduate studies as well. I love seeing the big-picture approach to things, and I also think a masters in Engineering management will also align very well with my outgoing personality and leadership skills.

What excites you most about having a career in a STEM-related field? The opportunities with-in STEM are endless. I am a curious person who loves to be out of their comfort zone and constantly trying new things. I also know that if I’m ever looking for a new industry, I can go anywhere with an engineering degree. Moreover, as I said before, I am a people person and I am so excited to be able to work in teams with other like-minded individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world.

How did you hear about the Chairish scholarship program?
I found the Chairish scholarship program on ASU’s scholarship portal!

What does this scholarship mean to you?
In addition to lifting a huge financial burden, this scholarship is motivation to continue working hard and give back. Knowing that a group of people read my story and invested time, energy, and finances to help me cover my attendance costs gives me hope. Engineering has not been an easy road. But I know there is a group of people rooting for my success, for which I am beyond thankful for.

Do you have any favorite products on Chairish?
Yes! I love this 1960s X-Base Lamp and Textured Gold Mirror. Ever since hearing about Chairish, I spend, admittedly, hours looking at all the awesome products!

Learn more about the Chairish “Design Your Future” Scholarship, or enter the running for the 2019 award here.

Lead photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.


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March 22, 2019

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